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Tire Grapple by Tire Jogger

    Changing tires has never been easier! With the patent pending Tire Jogger, you can lift, invert, and rotate your tire to your desired position to safely and efficiently install and remove your large agriculture tires. This has turned tire changing into a one-man operation.

    Simply attach the Tire Jogger to your Skid Steer and attach to your auxiliary hydraulic system.

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    After purchasing a skid steer, the first attachment we bought was a tire jogger.  We used to roll the tires into place by hand, then we upgraded to a set of pallet forks.  We can’t count the number of times the tire fell over either back on the ground or nearly on top of someone.  Randy came over with the Tire Jogger for a Demo, don’t think it went back home with him.  Tire changing went from a job everyone dreaded to a one that was nearly enjoyable.  We can change all 4 tires on our sprayer within an hour.  The Jogger has made this job easy, the turnbuckle for lining up wheel studs works well and we can easily place tires flat on a pallet for storage.  Definately worth the investment.

    D & L Fahlman

    Fahlman Farms, Fillmore, SK

    The Tire Jogger allows our team to complete tire changes faster and safer. With the jogger, the job is complete in less than 45mins with just two people. We are always looking for ways to be more efficient on the farm, and this is one of those tools that helps us do that.

    Chris Procyk

    Four Mile Partnership