Raczynski Sales


"We were ultimately interested in the bin level indicator, primarily to increase safety on the farm, secondly as a convenience to monitoring bin filling or inventory through-out the year.

While we harvest, we are continually climbing up ladders on the grain bins, monitoring filling progress. We are usually interested in warning the other truck driver how close to full the bins are. We installed 2 bin fill indicators per bin at the very top and a semi load or 1200 bu lower than full. Now, we never climb bins during harvest, day or night, we never climb bins during the following months, until bin levels are below indicators, that is the first time we climb bins to check bin levels.

Every time any grower climbs a bin, especially during the fatigue of harvest, you are at risk of a fall. It never has happened but we are all over 40 years old, and won't bounce very high on impact on the Earth. Ultimately time saving, comfort of knowing bin levels during fill, not tossing rocks for checking bin levels, or climbing are all reasons enough to seriously consider these fool proof simple grain bin innovations....these are now a "must have" for grain producers! A small investment for great value! "

-- Marcel van Staveren
JVM van Staveren Farms Inc.
Creelman, Saskatchewan