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Mount Green Sprayer Jack Stand


  • This stand was designed for Case IH Patriot sprayers
  • There have been several cosmetic changes that customers wanted but the basic design has not changed
  • Adapters are now available for other makes of sprayers
  • The stand works with all tire sizes including 710 metric and 800
  • The large base allows the stand to be used on most stable and level surfaces
  • The compact design and weight of 97 lbs makes the stand easy to handle and transport
  • The stand with jack is easily moved around on the wheels
  • Because the stand lifts on the axle mounts not the frame the suspension does not have to be chained or restricted to reduce the height of the lift
  • By lifting on the axle mounts the weight being lifted may be reduced by 25 percent
  • There is no comparison in time and stability compared to lifting on the frame
  • The lifts are usually under 6 inches and can be done in about 1 minute depending on the jack used
  • The stand and all adapters for lifting have been load rated at 10000 lbs
  • certified and safety engineered