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made by Hall’s Instrumentation – Quality ~ Craftsmanship ~ Pride ~ Since 1994

Will work on any trailer or any farm equipment.

    Standard Features:

    • Testers have large foam filled tires and are very easy to move around.
    • Two testers in one.  Truck Tester and Trailer Tester.
    • Have 5 plug types built in (7 Pin round, 7 Pin Flat, 5 Pin Flat, 4 Pin Flat, and 12 Volt)
    • Adapter Available for 6 Pin Round
    • Testers are fully protected from short circuits.
    • Testers detect open circuits, ground shorted circuits, cross shorts between circuits and reversed wiring.
    • Circuits such as turn signals using a flasher to simulate actual tractor-trailer connections.  In addition to testing circuits per acutal operation, the tester monitors excessive turn signal current and trips a breaker should the tester detect a partial short.  This is important because the flasher unit in the tractor can easily be damaged with excessive current in the turn signal circuits.  All testers include a master power switch to disconnect power.
    • The HMT112 Deluxe has a battery and charger mounted on the base (battery purchased separately)
    • All testers include easy to understand test instructions.
    • The testers all detect and display ABS brake signals from the tractor.
    • All testers are fully warranted for one year from defects in parts and workmanship.
    • All circuit components in testers can be bought locally and changed within minutes.

    Hall’s Portable Light Tester

    For more information visit hallsinstrumentation.ca