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Grain Auger Fertilizer Screen

    • will handle 10″ auger running at full capacity
    • screen is 8′ long so lumps do not end up in truck
    • ability to dump lumps off screen just by loosening rope
    • angle of screen can be adjusted by loosening or tightening rope
    • easy mounting; only 3 holes to drill – 2 for screen and 1 for rope

    We purchased a fertilizer screen after a bin caked up on us.  We had recently purchased a lump buster, and it works great for busting up large pieces, but smaller pieces were still getting through.  We installed the smaller fert screen on the end of an auger and now there is zero lumps going in the truck.  It works great.  If lumps start accumulating on the screen and they don’t want to run out the end, just grab the rope and give it a few tugs and it’s all cleaned out.  Comes with rope and pulley for easily adjusting the angle.  For the price of this fertilizer screen it’s a no brainer.

    D & L Fahlman

    Fahlman Farms, Fillmore, SK

    I’ve used the fertilizer screen from Raczynski Sales for 2 years.  It bolts on quick and easy, Works great, Easy to adjust with pulley system that comes with,  shakes any lumps of fertilizer off which land on ground or in a bucket beside trailer.   Can load semi now as fast as auger will auger it.  Before I used to put a screen under bin, but was always closing bin stopping auger and dumping chunks of fert out of that screen.    Took a lot longer to fill semi then.  

    Kirk Palmer

    Fillmore, SK