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EZ LIFT for Trailer Jacks

Take the cranking out of your trailer landing gear

Miniature gear box slides onto any hitch.

    Quick, Easy Install.

    Gear Boxes are easily removed with a quick pin.

    Back up crank can easily be pinned back on.

    Move your Trailer Gear Box from trailer to trailer.

    All that is needed is a minimum 12 volt drill and 3/4″ socket to operate up and down.

    NEVER use an Impact or hammer drill as it can damage your gear box and/or your landing gear.

    2 different brackets to cover most trailers.

    One for Grain Trailers and one for all other landing gear.  All are adjustable to fit different landing gear widths and styles.  If these brackets will not fit your landing gear, Michel’s will manufacture a bracket which will adapt to your landing gear.

    2 different gear settings.

    One faster gear for light loads or bringing the landing gear to the ground and one geared lower to left heavier loads.
    Your gear Gear Box will lift as much as you can crank by hand without the stress on arms, backs, and shoulders.

    0017-000001 Fits:

    • All Small Utility Trailers
    • All Flat Deck Trailers
    • All Cattle Liners
    • Some Van Trailers (Trailers with a plate in front of the landing Gear will take a Grain Trailer Bracket)

    0017-000002 Fits:

    • Doepker Grain Trailers
    • Lode King Grain Trailers
    • Wilson Grain Trailers
    • Some Van Trailers and any others with a Plate in front of the landing gear