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Intra Grain - Wireless Grain Monitoring Cables

Bin Sense by intragrain.comThe award winning Bin-Sense™ system is the original wireless grain storage monitoring system. Bin-Sense™ consists of temperature cables, remote units, and master units. Each yard site requires one master unit to collect all of the information from the remote units on all of the other monitored bins. The communication between remote and master units is done wirelessly, and the information is then sent through the cellular network back to intragrain.com where it can be viewed at anytime from anywhere.

We are proud to offer a system that requires no external power source, allowing it to be used in all remote locations. All information is transmitted wirelessly, enabling customers to view their bin temperatures anytime, anywhere via the internet or mobile app. As a user, you will be notified via text message and/or email when a threshold has been breached allowing you to take action as you see fit.

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