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StorMax grain temperature and moisture monitoring systemGrain Temperature Monitoring System

StorMax is grain storage peace of mind. It is also a storage management tool that helps you to decide when and how long to run fans to cool or dry your grain.

The system consists of one or more temperature cables per bin, with each cable having temperature sensors at 4' spacing. Based on Opi Integris industry-leading digital technology, a series of cables can be interconnected to a convenient location for readout to your StorMax monitor. Simply plug-in to automatically store all readings and look at trends, both current and historic.

Grain Moisture Monitoring System

Monitor grain moisture content and temperature up through the bin, so as to track natural air drying and in-bin conditioning with the StorMax handheld monitor. Working with all monitoring and control applications, the OPI-Integris moisture cable is a valuable tool for building an Advanced Grain Management system.




Moisture Management

Moisture Cable

Advanced Grain Management System Options

For more information visit: www.advancedgrainmanagement.com