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LevALERT - Bin Level Indicators

In a glance, the LevALERT Indicator shows you the level of material in your bin while you remain safely on the ground. Whether you fill you bins once a year or several times a day, LevALERT saves you time, labour and money.

The Mechanics Are Simple: As your bin material reaches the LevALERT Indicator, it pushes against the rubber activator, turning the color tube from black to a bright yellow color. When material receeds it automatically darkens again... ready for the next fill.

The LevALERT Indicator can sense almost any granular bulk solids ranging from powders to pellets that weigh between 15 and 100 kg/cubic foot (240 - 1600 kg/cu.M). Typical uses include: agricultural grains and feeds, plastic pellets, fertilizer, flour, minerals, various cement powders & sand, etc... just about anything you'd store in a bin.

Install the LevALERT Indicator:

LevALERT Manual

Optional Electrical Sensor: Simply thread-on this proximity sensor to operate electrical horns, lights, motors, etc.