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StorMax grain temperature and moisture monitoring system


The ACCU-SAMPLER mounts on the side of any 6" to 16" grain auger to collect a continuous and representative grain sample while augering grain into or out of your bins.

The ACCU-SAMPLER is the SAFEST, CLEANEST and EASIEST means to get a representative grain sample. No more standing in grain dust, or dangerously leaning or reaching over an auger to collect a sample.

The ACCU-SAMPLER is adjustable allowing virtually any grain to be sampled. By continuous sampling you collect an average of the entire bin. (AVERAGE PROTEIN, MOISTURE, BUSHEL WEIGHT, QUALITY, ETC.) Since QUALITY is the largest single factor in determining the price of grain, it is then essential you know what quality of grain you have.


Accurate sampling is necessary!


Before delivering your grain, know the QUALITY you have!






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